At an Obama fundraiser in '08, when I was organizing volunteers in California, I met Arianna Huffington.  I told her how I had checked her coat at a party just a few years earlier and she had been kind to me. We spoke about politics and she asked me what I wanted to do next.  I said I wanted to write about the issues close to my heart. She gave me her card and, ever since, I have written opinion pieces for The Huffington Post, CNN.com, and other national outlets.  Recently, I started my own blog, Consenting to Lead, to share inspiring interviews and political organizing how-to's with women and woman-friendly audiences. I owe it all to Ms. Huffington for giving me my start. 

My blog is Consenting to Lead

Each week, I will share an interview with a different amazing woman leader -- like VotoLatino's Maria Teresa Kumar, Black Lives Matter's Alicia Garza, Everytown for Gun Safety's Shannon Watts, Center for American Progress' Neera Tanden, and many more.  Then I will offer tips and tools, so that any woman anywhere can take steps in her own community to make progress on that week's issue.  I will also offer simple organizing how-to's, so that we can mobilize unprecedented progressive voter turnout across all ages, gender identities, races, and socio-economic levels.

As a society, we must take this incident -- appearing in the public consciousness during our #MeToo moment -- as an opportunity to have some painful, nuanced conversations.

For example: Sexual assault and rape are never the victim's fault. But we cannot indiscriminately start destroying careers over consensual sexual activity, which based on her account is what this case appears to be.

When we do that, we trivialize the brave victims who are coming forward about actual sex crimes…

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The Kavanaugh controversy is a watershed moment for the GOP



Photo: András Fekete

Photo: András Fekete




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"The Actress: Isabelle Huppert" for NO TOFU



"If you came up in the New York theater in the 2000′s, as I did, and cut your teeth in tiny, but respected off-Broadway houses, like the Rattlestick, the McGinn/Cazale, 2nd Stage, LaMama, you hoped, you prayed, to even approach the outskirts of the orbit of the planet-sized talent of Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman."




"Now I am the mother two little black girls. Yes, black. You and I know they are mixed-race, and I do not wish to diminish my genetic and cultural contributions to their respective lives, but the world sees them as black (just ask President Obama). The white world they see confronts me at every turn and I become a vicious mama bear as I attempt to regale them with representations of people who look like them, so they know they are beautiful and worthy to be portrayed in the media . . ."

One of my early Huffington Post pieces, "Why Arts is a Matter of Social Justice and Why It Will Save the World," was quoted in the California Creative Industries Revitalization Act Hearings and has been taught in universities.

For further opinion pieces, please also see my bio page for Americans for the Arts: ARTSBlog