I am proud to be one of the Executive Producers of two-time Interactive Emmy finalist, Take Back the Mic.  


  • 2015 & 2016 Emmy Finalist Original Interactive Programming

  • 20MM organic media impressions with no marketing spend

  • 30 mins/session (12x avg social media app)*

  • First-ever Emmy nod for a 100% fan-curated series

  • 5x the ROI of a SuperBowl ad

  • Partnership with top global production/distribution company ITV (The Voice)

  • Partnership with former Heads of CAA Primetime TV & 20th Century Fox Music

  • Top fans won VIP all-expenses-paid trip to Miami finale

  • Top band went from favela to the front page of their national newspaper in 60 days and won a municipal land grant to build an HQ to uplift favela youth through Hip Hop

* Avg social media session = 2.5mins (Source: Localytics, Aug 2014)

Paintings: Martin Askem - @A5KEM Photos: Mitchell Zachs, Jane Feldman, Robinne Burrell, Pablo Levinas, Mafia Magazine



Earlier in my career, my dear friend and mentor, broadcaster Bonnie Boswell Hamilton, invited me to assist her on the production of The Powerbrokerher PBS Independent Lens documentary about her uncle, great civil rights leader Whitney Young, Jr., which later aired at the White House for President and First Lady Obama.  It was a profound learning experience.