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Lucia Brawley

Lucia Brawley is a co-founder of, an interactive digital media platform that tells content owners who's watching and why. She is also an Executive Producer of two-time Interactive Emmy finalist, "Take Back the Mic: The World Cup of Hip Hop." She has performed in theater, film and television in New York, Los Angeles and Europe alongside actresses like Viola Davis and Angela Bassett, for world-class directors, including Oliver Stone and Barry Levinson. She was a political organizer for the Obama presidential campaigns, growing a team of 4 volunteers into 2,000 members and helping candidate Obama win in California congressional district 33 by the largest margin in that state’s primary. She is a regular contributor to national outlets including and the Huffington Post, and earned a place on's "Most Popular Op-Eds of 2018." Lucia is a graduate of Harvard with a Master's in Acting from Yale. Lucia has two inspiring, hilarious daughters, 8 and 6, and a fantastic husband. You can follow Lucia on Twitter.